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larkinWalter J. Larkin Southwest Manufacturing - Circa 1920's


In 1919, Walter J. Larkin left his position with the Ford Motor Company in Kansas City, Mo. and moved his family west to Los Angeles, California.

1920 found Walter J. starting his own company, Southwest Manufacturing (1920-1938) in Los Angeles, providing machining services with mills and lathes.

In the late 1930’s, Walter’s son, Richard, took a position with Northrup Company as their Materials Manager. Richard also had the entrepreneurial spirit and in 1943 formed a new Larkin company.

O&M MACHINE COMPANY (1943-1965) was co-founded by Richard, Peggy, his sister and Walter, their father. The company was located on North Main Street behind the O&M Gas Station in an 800-square foot back room.

heritageConsolidated PBY Catalina

The Consolidated PBY Catalina Sea Plane  O&M collaborated in the development and manufacturing of the aft bubble modification to this plane.

The C124 Cargo Plane developed and manufactured by Douglas Aircraft, Long Beach, Ca. In 1960 O&M designed and manufactured air-cargo loading equipment for this transport aircraft. The company delivered 20 set per month for 20 years in support of this premier aircraft.

Convair Project - O&M was awarded a contract for the the horizontal and vertical stabilizers and missile rack of the F106 Aircraft.


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    O&M Machine Company, Los Angeles 1943
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    O&M manufactured loading equipment for the Douglas Aircraft C124 Cargo Plane, 1952.
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    O&M Magazine Ad 1960
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    Richard Larkin II (left) at O&M Manufacturing.
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    Separation ring for Atlas Center Booster Missle for General Dynamics, 1961
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    Apollo space capsulre fabricated and machined for Rockwell International, 1962.
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    40 ft. Planar - Machining a 15-ton forging used on impact extruding machine, 1963.
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    Core plate for Peach Bottom Nuclear Reactor, 1964.
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    Vertical Boring Mill, 192" x 76"
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    Minuteman Missle Chamber - Fabricated and machined by O&M for Rocketdyne, CA and Areo-Jet
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    Impact Extruding Machine - Built for General Dynamics as a resale product, 1963.

The Apollo Space Capsule (1962) - Rockwell International awarded the manufacture of the space capsule shell to O&M. The space capsule was machined on an 18-foot vertical-boring mill.

The Peach Bottom Reactor Project - General Atomic chose O&M to assist in the design and manufacture of the charging machine and core plate for unloading nuclear rods.

The company’s growth and manufacturing capability and capacity were now  located in several buildings with 85,000 square feet in the City of Commerce. The company had over 250 employees at this period in their history.

Richlar Company (1965-1990) Orange County, CA. Richard Larkin II continued the family Heritage supporting Air Force Contracts and developing new designs for defense projects focusing on hydraulic and hoist applications.

Larkin Precision Machining (1999-Present) Scotts Valley, CA. Rob, Seth and Jon Larkin established a Business Partnership in 1999 to launch Larkin Precision Machining. This new generation of entrepreneurs has focused on developing Strategic Supplier Partnerships with our Core Customers.

This Larkin family photo captures 3 generations of skilled tradesman machinist and engineering and manufacturing expertise.

The-Larkins-2013Left to right: Rick (1973-Present), Rob (1973-Present), Richard Larkin II (1958-Present), Seth (1995-Present), Jon (1983-Present)